Here’s how you can block political content on LinkedIn

In today’s digital age, you need to have an extensive network to keep moving forward. And the most advanced medium of this network is LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn, it is possible to find anyone from any company in any country in the world. This is the biggest platform for professionals. Many people are in search of jobs by using it. Recruitment notices of various companies are readily available through LinkedIn quickly.

About 700 million people have phones out of India’s 1.25 billion population. Of these, 25 crore people have smartphones in their pockets. 155 million people visit Facebook every month, and 160 million people are active on WhatsApp every month. Looking at these figures, it is not difficult to understand why political parties are giving importance to online campaigns or social media.

Linkedin is also one of the essential work and professional platforms which is not untouched by the political content. While some people on LinkedIn prefer all types of content, others tend to avoid political views or content that can affect their personal choice or opinion.

At first, you have to check whether or not political content blocking feature is available for you and how you can switch it on.

STEP1: First, sign in to your Linkedin account from the web browser or mobile app.

STEP2: Now click on Settings and Privacy under your profile picture

STEP3: Tap on Account Preferences

STEP4: Now click on Site Preferences

STEP5: Go to Feed Preferences

STEP6: If the feature is available, then you will see an option ‘Do you want to see political content in your feed?”

STEP7: You have to mark the Yes or No toggle to enable or disable it.

How to hide political content on Linkedin

STEP1: In order to hide political content on Linkedin, first, you need to click on the More icon on the upper right of a post in your feed

STEP2: Now tap on the ‘I don’t want to see this option

STEP3: You will see the option ‘I don’t want to see political content.’

STEP4: Click on submit.