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Neflix, one of the top video streaming apps is a household name and the best choice for streaming content. There are currently four plans available in India. It does not offer an annual subscription like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and other streaming services. Netflix’s cheapest plan is Rs.199. This allows you to access all Netflix content in SD instead of regular HD. You will need to spend more if you are looking for higher quality videos.

Importantly, you should also know that the Rs.199 Netflix plan will limit how many screens you can stream at once. Other plans available include the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans. With SD resolution of one screen, the Basic plan costs Rs 499 per monthly. The Standard plan costs Rs 649 per Month and offers HD content on two screens.

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Premium plans are priced at Rs 799 per monthly at HD/UHD resolution on four screens. You can’t change your Netflix subscription if you have one or are looking to purchase one. You can change your Netflix streaming plan by following the steps listed below.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription

First Step: Open Netflix on your smartphone and go to the “More” section. It is found in the lower right corner.

Step 2 Click on “Account”, and you’ll be taken to a page. Scroll down to see the “Plan Details” tab.

Step 3. Tap on the Change plan button and you’re done. All the Neflix plans will be displayed. You just have to choose the one you want and then press the Continue button. To confirm your new plan, you will be asked once more. Netflix will also provide details about the benefits of each plan.