Here’s how you can disable Google Meet in Gmail

Covid-19 is making video conferencing more popular. The Zoom app was the most popular in such situations. However, Gmail Meet was created to rival Zoom. Google has renamed Hangouts Meet to Google Meet.

Google recently introduced a new feature, the Google Meet button. This button is now integrated into Gmail so users can access Google Meet in a click.

Gmail also released a major update to their app. The big Google Meet button has been placed just below Gmail’s compose button. This has caused a lot of upset among users, as well as many complaints.

Google Meet, previously known as Hangouts Meet, is Google’s latest video conference application. This service used to be paid but Google has now made it free for everyone during the outbreak of the coronavirus. Inbox is now a tab in the Gmail UI. Google Meet has a tab on its own tab. It’s fine if it suits your needs, but you can remove it by following these steps.

This is how to disable Google Meet within Gmail

  1. To begin, go to Gmail Settings. The user must tap the hamburger menu within the app to do this.
  2. You will see it as a 3-line-up on your right.
  3. Clicking here will bring up options such as Primary, Social and Promotions.
  4. Users will find the General Settings option under Settings.
  5. This section will contain a separate section to enter your Gmail ID.
  6. For different accounts, you will find separate sections.
  7. You will have to create settings for multiple accounts.
  8. Users will be able to find here the Meet section among the numerous options.
  9. Users will need to click on the Show the Meet tab to make video calls.
  10. You must tick it off. You must do this for each Gmail account.