Here’s how you can get Universal Travel Pass if you are fully vaccinated

Given the Covid Pandemic Third Web, the Maharashtra Government launched the universal travel pass registration form online 2022. Several other states, including Maharashtra have implemented universal travel passes. The Universal Travel Pass allows people who are involved in essential services to travel freely. Apply online for the Universal Travel Pass at to receive your Covid Pass.

In accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines through Railways, and the Government of Maharashtra’s travel policies, citizens have the option of purchasing a Universal Travel Pass. This pass allows citizens to travel anywhere they like without restrictions. All citizens can apply for the pass if they have received both Covid-19 vaccination doses and want to travel within 14 days. Citizens must obtain a state-issued universal pass for travel. After the portal of the state government verifies the vaccination status, the universal pass will be issued.

The Railway Department has clarified that people without a universal card will not be able to purchase tickets. All details about the individual concerned can be retrieved by scanning the QR code included in the pass. The citizens will be able to get tickets with this pass.

How to Apply

STEP1: At first, you have to go to the official website of

STEP 2: Next, select the Universal Pass option. This option is for citizens who have been double-vaccinated.

STEP 3: Enter your number and you’ll receive an OTP.

STEP4: All information about the job will be automatically sent to the website, which includes the details of the vacant position.

STEP5: Click on the Generate Pass button to request a Universal Travel Pass.