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Facebook, the social network giant has unveiled a feature which will allow users to control who is allowed to comment on posts they make public. This feature was introduced in an effort to reduce hate speech on the social network. Twitter, another social media site, also offered a similar function last year. Users could limit the number of replies they make to tweets.

Facebook’s latest tool allows users to have control over what is displayed in their posts comments, as well as the News Feed.

According to the company, these tools will allow users to manage:

Comment on other people’s posts. Filter your news feed to only see the news that is relevant to you.
You can also find out why the recommended post appears in their news feed.

Comment restrictions on posts

You can restrict comments to posts at account level, or in specific posts. From options such as Friends, People and People mentioned in the post to choose which commenters are allowed on your posts you can also select who may not.

You can restrict comments to your posts by:

Click on the link in your profile to activate this option.
– Select the three dots option in the upper-right corner.
– Select “Who can comment on my post?”
Then, you will need to select one of these options.

You can’t make a comment if a specific person, page or other individual views the post.

How do you filter the News Feed?

Facebook will also make changes to its News Feed to give users more control over what’s important to them and what they wish to see in their feed.

The Feed Filter Bar is a new menu that appears above the News Feed. It allows users to access their ‘Favorites’ and ‘Most Recently’ filters.

The Favorites filter allows users to prioritize content from as many as 30 pages and profiles. The feed will show posts from these accounts higher. It gives them an even more personal view of their profiles. To manage your favorites:

Settings > Privacy.
Go to Settings and select News Feed Preferences.
Click to Manage Favorites
Here you can select the pages and people you wish to receive information from. It is not possible to add whole groups as favorites.

Facebook’s “Why am I viewing this?” feature is expanding. This provides context to the news and updates you see in your feed.

This feature is already present in the app, but users can now access it from pages and friends.