Here’s how you can now control who comments on your Facebook posts

Social network giant Facebook has announced a new feature that will let users control who can comment on their posts that are public. The feature has been introduced to curb the amount of hate speech that is pervading the platform. Another social media platform Twitter also introduced a similar feature last year where it allowed users to restrict replies to their tweets.

The idea behind Facebook’s new tool is to give power to the users to control what they can see on their post comments and also the News Feed.

The company has said that with these new tools, users will be able to control:

– Who can comment on their posts.
– Filter their news feed so that they see news relevant to them only.
– And can also learn about why a recommended post is popping up on their news feed.

How you can restrict comments on your posts?

Restricting comments on posts can be done at an account level or even in individual posts. You can choose who is allowed to comment on your posts from options like Public, Friends and People and Pages mentioned in the post.

Facebook Feed A

To restricts comments on your posts:

– Go to the post on your profile that you want to activate the option on.
– Click the three-dot option on the top-right corner of the post.
– Click on ‘Who can comment on your post’.
– You then need to choose one of the three options as listed above.

If the specific person or a page views your post and does not belong to your selected preference then they will not see the comment box below the post.

How to filter News Feed?

Facebook is also making changes to the News Feed in order to provide more control to the users of what is relevant to them and what they want to see on their feed.

A new menu on top of the News Feed called Feed Filter Bar lets users access the ‘Favorites’ and ‘Most Recently’ filters.

Facebook Feed C

With the Favorites filter, users are allowed to prioritise content from up to 30 profiles and pages. Post from those selected accounts will appear higher on their feed. This gives them a more personalised view of their profile. In order to manage your favourites:

– Go to Settings and Privacy in the app’s Settings
– In Settings, go to News Feed settings and under that select News Feed Preferences.
– Click Manage Favourites.
-Here you can add the people and pages you want to receive news from. You cannot add entire groups as your favourites.

Facebook is also expanding its “Why am I seeing this?” feature that provides more context into the kind of news and updated you get on your feed.

Facebook Feed D

The feature was already available on the existing app but it’s now being expanded to content from friends, pages, and groups that users do not follow.