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Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor software across all platforms. Sometimes, we accidentally save a document while working on it. This causes the document to be deleted and makes you feel bad. This results in all of our efforts being wasted and various questions starting to arise within our heads. This can lead to anger when one tries to rewrite the whole document. Take a deep breath, and then follow these steps to recover lost documents.

You have many options to recover words documents.

Go to the windows search feature on your computer and type in the name of the document. It will automatically open if it’s already on your computer.

Two types of word documents exist. There are two types of word documents: wbk or.asd. A.asd extension can be used to create an autosaved backup file. You can see. If wbk is used, it means that the file is a backup. These extensions can be used to recover files that have been lost. Go to the windows search menu and type the names of the extensions. Click on one of the links to open it.

Microsoft Word can be used to recover files that have not been saved. To do this, launch Word. Click on the File option to open it. This will open the file option. Click on it to recover unsaved data. Then click on it and select it. Your data will now be loaded by clicking the button. You can now save your data to another location by using the save option.

This Windows tool can be used to recover files deleted by you and not in your recycle bin.

What to do?

STEP1: Open Microsoft Word

STEP 2: Next, click on File tab

STEP 3: Click on Manage Documents

STEP4: Select an option to unsaved or recover your document from a drop-down menu

STEP5 – After that, you will see a listing of all documents not saved.

STEP6: Go to the document you lost and retrieve it

STEP7: Save it once more