Here’s how you can send disappearing images and videos on Instagram

Photo-hosting platform Instagram also gives its users the option to send images and videos to their followers via a dedicated messaging feature that is a part of the app. Billions of Instagram users share content with their friends and families using the direct messages (DM) feature which works similarly to WhatsApp’s media sharing options.

However, there are times that a user would not want their content to be viewed more than once or to be viewed only a particular number of times which is where Instagram offers an ‘exploding messages’ option in its DM.

With ‘exploding messages’, users can send images and videos from their smartphone gallery or using their camera app that automatically disappears from the recipient’s inbox.

How to send disappearing images and videos on Instagram

Step 1

Go to the messages option on the top-right corner of the app.

Step 2

Select the users you want to send the disappearing image/video to. You can send the message to multiple users as well.

Step 3

Tap on the camera icon on the left of the message box.

Instagram disappearing images E

Step 4

Select the image/video that you want to share. You can also click an image using the camera shutter icon.

Step 5

Next, you will see a bubble that reads ‘Send’ and below that, you will see the option ‘VIEW ONCE’. This means that the recipient of the image will only be able to view the image once and not more. The person can view the image till the time they press and hold the image or the screen times out automatically.

Instagram View Once

Step 6

An exploding message will be sent with a small bomb icon with it. You can also choose the ‘ALLOW REPLAY’ and ‘KEEP IN CHAT’ option to let the viewer see the content more than once and keep it in their chat for longer respectively.

Instagram disappearing images D


What if the person takes a screenshot?

Frankly, there is no way for you to stop the person at the other end from taking a screenshot of the image that you have sent, however, you will get to know whether a screenshot has been taken or not. You will be able to see a sun-like icon beside the image you sent which indicates that the other person has taken a screenshot of the same.

Instagram disappearing message A