Here’s how you can set up a smartphone for elders

Smartphones are becoming increasingly complex and confusing as technology advances every year. It is difficult for older people to locate important information such as calls, address books (contact list), and text messages on Android smartphones. It’s difficult for them to read small letters on a small screen. It is difficult for seniors to use smartphones with the latest apps. You should consider several things when setting up a smartphone to your grandparents.

Here’s how you can set up a smartphone for your grandparents:

Lock the screen

Nearly all smartphones now have the ability to lock it with a fingerprint. You can ask them to lock their phone with their fingerprint. They won’t need to remember any password to unlock the phone with fingerprints.

You can set your Android phone’s screen lock by selecting Settings, Security, then Screen Lock. To set a screen lock on iPhone, you have to go to Settings, Face ID & Passcode, or Touch ID & Passcode.

Keep your home screen clean.

If there are more icons on your phone screen, it will cause problems for older people. This can be avoided by limiting the number of apps displayed on the home screen to only those that they use. It doesn’t matter if they use the app for work or not, it is best to remove it from their home screen.

Simple, clean launcher

Young people love to have different launchers on their phone. However, older people don’t require such trendy launchers. So, try to have the phone’s launcher or Google’s simple launcher to stay in it. This should not be a problem.

Built-in voice command

Senior citizens often have difficulty dialing a number or navigating through menus. It is very helpful to enable built-in voice commands. This feature makes it easy to use a smartphone.