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Facebook is keeping an eye on you. The company tracks everything you do via the Facebook desktop app and the Facebook mobile application.

Facebook keeps track of your activities on websites and apps other than Facebook. Facebook offers an “Off-Facebook Activity” tool that lets users see what data Facebook collects when they’re not using it.

It is one way Facebook targets users with relevant ads. At times, it can be eerily precise to the specific dot.

What’s Off-Facebook Activity?

Many apps allow users to login to their accounts using Facebook credentials. Many apps, including dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, use Facebook to log in.

Logging into other websites using Facebook will allow Facebook to access certain information about you that is stored on the website. This data is classified as off-Facebook activities.

How do you locate and manage Off Facebook activity?

Facebook gives users the ability to track all of your non-Facebook activities. If they so desire, users can download or delete the data. Facebook can also block your future activities. You can also manage your data with this tool and choose how Facebook will treat it.

The Off-Facebook Activity option can be found in the app’s settings and Privacy on mobile. Next, tap on Settings. Scroll down until you see your Facebook information and then tap on Off -Facebook activity.

You can manage your data by using Off-Facebook Activity.

These are all data Facebook collected in the last 180 days from different apps.

What can I do to disable the Off-Facebook Activity option?

Facebook users have the ability to disable the Turn Off Future Activity option. The Provide feedback about activity feature allows you to report concerns about the activity tracking function of the app.

Tap on the Download Your Information button to download all data Facebook collected through these sites. It will then save an offline report with all data previously collected.

Remove Off-Facebook Activity

Tap on the Clear History button to ensure that Facebook does not have off-Facebook information about you. This will delete all data Facebook has stored.

Manage Future Activity is a useful tool for those who wish to control how Facebook handles data it gets from other sites and apps.

To clarify, just because you have deactivated the Off-Facebook Activity option, it does not mean Facebook will no longer display ads to you. It will also stop Facebook services sending you information to Facebook. You can even be stopped from being tracked by Facebook elsewhere. This option effectively disconnects your Facebook identity from the information Facebook holds on you.

There are many ways you can manage your Facebook ad data so that you see more customized ads. However, third-party tools are the best way to ensure an ad-free user experience.