Here’s how you can use Apple HomePod Mini speakers with Apple TV

Apple introduced new colors to the HomePod Mini smart speakers in India earlier this year, 24 November. The smart speaker can stream music via JioSaavn and Gaana, as well as radio stations such Apple Music, Podcasts and The new HomePod Mini is now available in India with new colours. This Attractive HomePod mini can be purchased at Apple’s online store starting from Rs 9,900

iPhone users can easily see the HomePod Mini’s content by holding their device near the speaker. The smart speaker can be used to control accessories for smart homes such as thermostats, lights and locks.

Apple HomePod Mini measures just 3.3 inches tall. It features 360-degree sound and Siri support, which allows users to control their smart home using their voice. HomePod Mini can be used with Apple Music and Podcasts. It also supports radio stations such as TuneIn Pandora TuneIn TuneIn TuneIn TuneIn Pandora. Smart speakers can be connected to multiple speakers at once and have an intercom function.

How to use HomePod Mini and Apple TV

STEP 1: First, open the Apple TV settings

STEP 2: You will now see an option for Video or Audio Output

STEP 3: Choose the audio output option

STEP4: You will now see the option to purchase a Compatible HomePod

STEP5 – Click on the HomePod option

STEP6: You can now use your Apple TV’s default speaker, the HomePod Mini or HomePod Mini.

Apple also included intercom functionality on the HomePod Mini. This allows users to send voice messages between any two HomePod Minis. This feature is useful if the user owns multiple HomePod Mini devices that can be used to communicate with family members.