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You might have noticed that your phone displays a lot more ads when you open an app. Location tracking is used to track your location and allows companies to market to you products.

This not only allows you to navigate, but it also permits minions to track your movements. Apple and Google are well-known brands that use mobile advertising for targeted advertising. This allows them to generate a significant portion of their revenues through targeted ads. While most data sharing policies can be hidden behind privacy pages, users might still click on unwelcome marketing links. If you’re facing this issue, here is a step by step guide.

Modify the settings for your location on your phone

To prevent iOS or Android platforms monitoring your activities, you can modify your privacy settings. How to turn off location monitoring on Android devices? First, open the Settings menu.

Scroll to the Location tab

Scroll down for “Google Location Settings”.

Next, click on the “Location History”, or “Location reporting”, and then toggle to Off.

You can delete the cache of your device by clicking “Delete Location History” in Location History.

To disable location settings on an Apple device, follow the steps listed below

You can go to Privacy or open Settings.

Select Services

Scroll down for “System Services”.

Turn off all important locations to delete “logged records”. Clear history by tapping

Google will stop permanently tracking your device

To search for accounts, click on the Settings tab

To access your Gmail account, click on the Gmail icon. Click on one account to edit, if multiple have been created.

Once you’ve selected “Google Account”, scroll down and tap on Manage data & personalisation

Next, choose “Activity Controls”.

Different data types can be disabled by you. To prevent the storage of location markers, you can turn off “Web Activity”.

iOS and Android have limitations on ad tracking

You can restrict the tracking of advertisements on both Android and Apple phones. Android platform: Open Settings>>> Google Ads> Turn off “Opt Out Of Ad Personalization” in iOS.

Install an ad blocking plugin or use a private browser

Private browsers are able to block location and ad trackers. Chrome users can install ads blocking extensions to block irritating ads.