How can you find out if your data was breached by Facebook?

Facebook is well-acquainted with data breaches and we have a very recent one making news. The Mark Zuckerberg-owned social media platform was recently found leaking more than 500 million users’ personal data on a hacking site. This involved 106 countries, including India.

The leaked data included people’s mobile numbers, names, locations, Facebook IDs. email addresses, and even the birthdates. This might worry most of us and you might wonder if you are were a part of it. And, guess what? You can easily find that out and that too, with these simple steps.

How to know if you’re part of the Facebook data breach? #1

It is revealed (via a report by The Verge), that there are two ways to do so. And, it works. While one method involves the use of your email ID, the other method requires your phone number.

Have I Been Pwned

The first method requires you to head to the “Have I Been Pwned” website. This is where you will have to type in your email ID to see if you have been affected by the recent Facebook data breach. It also tells you about the total data breaches you have been a part of so that you can remain safe going forward.

One good thing about the site is that it also tells if your leaked email ID was further “pasted” on another site. It also recommends ways you can use to keep yourself safe on the internet.

How to know if you’re part of the Facebook data breach? #2

The other method uses another website called “The News Each Day.” It uses your phone number to see if it has been compromised. This is a functionality, which is being explored by the aforementioned website too.

The News Each Day,

To go about it, you are required to visit the site and enter your phone number. The website specifically talks about the recent Facebook data breach and lets people see if they were involved too.

However, it is for US users and is not deemed that accurate if you compare it with “Have I Been Pwned.”

These are just a few ways to know whether or not you have been a part of data breaches. In case you are, you must try going for stronger passwords or using a password manager. You can also enable two-factor authentication and use biometrics for an extra layer of security.

Even if you aren’t, ensuring your privacy and security is a must, considering data breaches happen frequently.