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You don’t need a passport if you plan to travel abroad. Long lines outside of government offices will soon be a thing of the past. Everything will be done online in 2021.

If you’re looking for one or need to renew your existing one, here are some simple steps to do so.

How do I apply online for my passport?

Register on Passport Seva to get started. Once you have registered, your passport will be available within a few steps. It is important to note that although most of this process can be done online, it is still necessary to go to the Passport Seva Kendra in order to complete the entire procedure. This is what you need to do.

First, Go to the Passport Seva Online Portal.

Step 2 – Select the “New User Registration” option to the left.

Next: After this, you’ll be taken to the registration page, where all the details must be entered. Below is the screen shot of what information you will need. After you have completed the form, enter the CAPTCHA and then you’re good to go.

Step 4 – Now you have registered as a user. Tap on the email link to confirm and then head over to the site to log in using your credentials.

Step 5 After you log in, choose the “Apply to Re-issue Passport or Fresh Passport” option. You must not have had a passport in the past to apply for Fresh Passport. If you’re submitting a re-application, choose the second category.

This is the main step!

Step 6 – Now you have two options: fill out the form online, or print it and fill it offline before uploading it.

7: Enter your state or district. Choose the type of passport, application, and book type. Click Next.

Step 8 – You’ll need to complete multiple pages. The applicant’s details are first followed by the details of the family, including the present address and emergency contact. Next, the identity certificate, passport details and other details will be required. Finally, self-declaration is possible.

Step9: Fill in all details, then tap the Submit button.

10: Now you will need to click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” option under the View Saved/Submitted Applications area. You must verify the information again before you make the payment online (it is mandatory).

11: Pay by cards, UPI, or online banking. Select the “Print Application Receipt” option.

Step 12 – After all of this has been completed, you’ll receive an SMS with details about your appointment and a confirmation. To complete the process, please visit Passport Seva Kendra.

Keep your documents safe and organized. Please be aware of the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation and take the necessary precautions.