How do I find old WhatsApp chats from Android?

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms globally. This leads to the exchange of millions of text messages every single day. Sometimes users like to save these conversations, maybe because they want to cherish them later. For such situations, WhatsApp had rolled out an “Archive chats” feature for both Android and iOS users. The selected chats disappear when archived. For the unversed, the option to archive conversations is already available on Gmail and Instagram.

Users can manually archive and unarchive any number of WhatsApp chats. This also helps them organise their inbox to stay on top of all important conversations. These chats include both individual and group conversations. The messaging platform also allows users to unarchive these chats whenever they want.

To archive chats, all you need to do is tap and hold the chat that you want to archive. Then just tap on the archive icon on the top. iPhone users need to swipe from left to right and then tap on the archive chats icon. On WhatsApp Web, users just need to hover the mouse cursor over a chat and then tap on the down arrow. Then just simply select the “Archive Chat” option.

To view these archived chats on Android, follow these simple steps:

How to find archived WhatsApp chats on Android

  1. Go to the “Chats” tab on the top of the screen
  2. If a conversation opens, hit the back option
  3. Now scroll down to the bottom and select “Archived Chats”
  4. You can now see and read all your Archived Chats in this folder

With this feature, WhatsApp users can declutter their inbox whenever they want without deleting important conversations.