How do you block someone from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a popular platform for professionals who want to grow their networks. LinkedIn is a platform that’s primarily designed for professionals. This can lead to invitations being sent to people you do not know, or who you aren’t interested in connecting with. LinkedIn offers a block mechanism to prevent you from being sent invites and messages by people you don’t know.

You cannot block people from LinkedIn. They will also not be allowed to connect with your profile. Keep in mind that LinkedIn allows users to only block 1,000 people.

LinkedIn: How do you block someone?

You can block LinkedIn users by visiting their profile. Next, click the “More” button and then click the “Report/Block” option. From the pop-up window, click the “Block” button.

Notifications about blocked activity will not be sent to the individual unless they have been connected with a LinkedIn recruiter account.

You can still make public information visible to them even after you block them. If you make your profile private, however, the person will no longer be able see any information.

You can delete a LinkedIn connection if you don’t want to block someone. While the person won’t be notified, any endorsements or recommendations between you both will be deleted.

You can hide connections from LinkedIn by clicking on the profile photo and choosing “Settings and Privacy”. You can now control who has access to your connections by going into the visibility tab. You can choose the “Only you” option to deny access to all connections.