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Social media has been an integral part of daily life. If you are fed up with seeing comments and posts, or have privacy concerns, there is an easy way for you to remove your accounts from social media.

Facebook allows you to easily delete your account. You won’t be able to respond to the account once it has been permanently disabled. It is best to immediately delete your Facebook account if you aren’t sure. You can temporarily disable your account if you’re not sure.

All of your photos, videos and profile information will be permanently deleted. Facebook says that you will not be able to recover any items you have added. Before you remove your Facebook account, it is a good idea to download an exact copy all of your data including posts and photos.

How do you delete Facebook? Let’s look at each step of how to remove your Facebook account.

How to delete Facebook permanently

* Log in from any browser to your Facebook account

* Click the drop-down menu arrow to the top of Facebook.

After clicking on Privacy & Settings, click the “Settings” menu.

* In the left column, click on “Your Facebook Information”. Click “Deactivation” or “Deletion”.

Click on the “Continue account deletion” button.

Enter your password and click on “Delete Account”.

Do you want the account removed from Facebook right away?

Facebook promises that within 30 days, your account and personal data will be permanently deleted. After this period, you won’t be able to access your data.

You may need to wait up to 90 days before you can get rid of your posts. Facebook says that although we’re deleting your information, the information is still available for anyone using Facebook.

What can I do to delete my Facebook account?

Sign in using the Facebook app on your phone.

* Please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

* Scroll down to the bottom, select Privacy & Settings, then click on “Settings”.

Click the button “Account Ownership & Control”.

Click on “Delete Account”.

* Click “Continue account deletion”

Can I cancel my account deletion?

You can, but it should be completed within thirty days of your account being deleted. Your account will be permanently deleted after that. Your account cannot be accessed via Facebook.

To cancel your account deletion within 30 days, log into Facebook.