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Google accounts allow you to access all Google services. However, there may be situations where you have to completely delete your Google account. The rest of this post will be about it. Be aware of the possibility of losing a lot of your data if you make this drastic move. All your data will be lost, including emails, calendars and email information.

If you own an Android phone, all your contacts will be deleted. You cannot also change the password of any third-party resource by using an old email address. Be careful, and back up your data as often as possible to a separate medium such a USB flash drive or pc. Here’s where to begin now that you know all of the warning signs.

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Backup of Google accounts

Some data must be kept in order to completely delete your Google or Gmail accounts. For example, contacts, calendars, letters, notes. They can all be downloaded individually, however, Mountain View allows you to quickly download them all in one place. Go to to open your account settings. You will next need to visit the privacy section, and then select “Content Management”.

Next, click on “Create an archive”. You will be asked which data you want to store and which Google services. There are many options for saving data. You can also upload your archive to Dropbox or email the link.

How to delete your Gmail account

Step 1: Sign in to your Google account using Click Sign In to enter your Gmail account information.

Second Step: Open account settings. It can be found either on the left side or the bottom depending on which device you are using. Select “Delete account” or click on the link to delete services.

Choose Delete Products. Google offers two choices: delete the product, or your whole account. Click Delete products if you want to delete Gmail. Log in and you will need to reset your password.

4. Next, Google will display different accounts under your name. Click on the trash can icon and choose the Gmail account. Then, you will need to enter a new primary email address as well as your password.

You will be notified by email that your account has been deleted. Click Delete Gmail if you are ready to proceed. )

5th Step: Enter the email address for the account. You will be prompted to click the “OK, Got it!” button to view the message. At the bottom, click the “OK! Got it!” button.

Step 6 – Confirm your position. A confirmation email will be sent to you. After reviewing the information, click on the confirmation link to open a page asking you if you would like to confirm your Gmail account deletion.

7th Step: Type your password, then click on “Confirm.” You will receive a confirmation message that your account was deleted. Although the process is slow and requires you to click multiple pages, it’s not hard to delete your Gmail account.

How to permanently delete your Google Account

Once you’ve got a backup of all the data you wish to retain, you can delete your Google account. Follow these steps to do this:

First, click this link to access your account page. Next, choose Data and Personalization in the menu at the top.

Second Step: Go to the Download, Delete or Create a Plan for Data section. Click Delete an account or service and then delete your Google account.

Step 3. To verify your identity, the system might ask you to enter your password again. You will then see the content to be deleted and will need to review the boxes below. To delete your account, click on the “Delete” button.


Scroll to “Data & Privacy” in your Google Account. Scroll down to “Your privacy options & data.” Click on the Delete button. To delete your account, follow these steps.

Click the trash can next to Gmail. Follow the instructions to remove the account. If you wish to reinstate the account, the account can be suspended. 21-April-2020

Click the trash can next to Gmail. Follow the instructions to remove the account. If you wish to reinstate the account, the account can be suspended. 21-Apr-202020

Select the Inbox folder and highlight any email messages you wish to delete.
– At the same time, press the Shift + delete keys.
Click the Yes button in a pop up warning box.

Open Mail, Contacts and Calendars by tapping Settings from your Home screen. In the Accounts section, tap the account that you wish to delete. Click the Delete Account button, then Delete in the confirmation popup.

You can delete your old email address.
You can go to your account settings.
– Select “Addresses.”
Select the email address that you wish to remove.
– Click on “Delete Address.


Google offers a convenient way to backup all of your data. However, if you wish to delete an account completely, be careful. Start by visiting, and then click the “Delete Account or Service” button in the Account Preferences section.