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High-end brands are able to provide premium audio quality with compact, wireless devices thanks to the use of Bluetooth technology. Although the cheapest Bluetooth headphones are capable of producing high quality audio, the premium ones have a few more beats. The premium quality depends on the technical components, such as the size of the driver and frequency response. However, you can improve the sound quality with a few tricks on Android phones. The wireless/Bluetooth audio codec is one of these factors. Google Android 8.0 Oreo OS introduced support for multiple wireless codecs.

Here’s an easy explanation of wireless codec. The code is used to connect a Bluetooth-enabled wireless audio device with a smartphone. It compresses data from the source device and transmits it wirelessly. Next, the code decompresses that data into the headphones/wireless headphone. SBC is the most popular codec, but aptX HD (and LDAC) are the best quality codecs for wireless audio. Your smartphone will automatically choose the best-quality codec for your headphones by default. There are several ways to manually change the codec. These will increase the quality of the audio and prolong the battery life. This is how to change the Bluetooth codec in your Android phone.

How do you enable/change Bluetooth codecs on an Android device?

First, enable the Developer option in your Android smartphone. To do this, go to Settings and then click on About Phone.
The About Phone tile shows details such as the processor and RAM.
-Tap seven times on the build number
This will allow Developer Options
Once activated, scroll down to check Bluetooth audio codecs and choose the one you prefer.
Before you click on one of these options, make sure your Bluetooth wireless headphones/earphones support the codecs on your Android phone.