How to activate Bluetooth codec in Android phone for better audio quality

Leading brands have been able to offer compact wireless audio devices with premium sound quality courtesy of the adoption of advanced Bluetooth technology. While the affordable Bluetooth headphones, earbuds these days offer good audio quality, they miss out on few beats as compared to the premium ones. Although the premiumness depends on technical components be it the diameter of the driver, impedance, frequency response, etc, there are a few simple tricks available on Android devices that can enhance the sound quality of your wireless headphones. One of the factors being the wireless/Bluetooth audio codec. Notably, the support for various wireless codecs came with the release of Google Android 8.0 Oreo OS.

In case you are confused about what wireless codec is here’s a simple explanation. While connecting a wireless audio device to the smartphone via Bluetooth, the code compresses data from the source device to transmit wireless and then decompresses the data to the wireless headphone/earphone. While the most commonly used codec is SBC, aptX HD and LDAC are two of the highest quality wireless audio codecs offered by leading audio brands. Notably, your smartphone by default picks the highest-quality codec that your headphone supports. But as we said there are simple tricks to change the codec manually which will not just boost the sound and extend battery life as well. Here’s how you change Bluetooth codec on your Android device.

How to enable/change the Bluetooth codec on your Android device?

-First up, activate the Developer option on your Android smartphone
-To do so, open Settings then click on About Phone
-The About Phone tile will show details about your device like processor, RAM, build number, etc
-Tap on the build number seven times
-This will enable Developer options
-Once activated, just scroll down and check the Bluetooth audio codec and select the preferred codec.
But before you tap on any of the options, do check whether your wireless headphone/earphone supports the codecs listed on your Android device or not.