How to activate dark mode in Chrome on desktop and mobile

Google’s dark mode (ahem! Darth Vader) has been added to search on desktop last week. Much like mobile, the desktop version gets three modes to enable a comfortable viewing experience in low light. While the Dark mode was first released on macOS, it later rolled out to Android, Windows, and iOS.

Notably, the new settings will apply to Google Homepage, the search results, and settings. Google notes that the new setting will be ‘rolling over the next few weeks.’ In case you want to switch between the Dark Mode settings for Google Search on desktop, or mobile manually, here’s how you can do it.

How to enable Dark Mode on Google Search on Desktop

Step 1- Go to Google homepage and search for ‘Settings’ in the bottom right corner

Step 2- Once the Settings menu opens, navigate to Search Settings/Appearance

Step 3- You should see three options- ‘device default’ that sync the Google Search theme with that of your desktop mode. Meanwhile, the dark mode will ‘light text on a dark background,’ and vice versa. Choose the option as per your preference.

How to enable Dark mode on Chrome for mobile


Step 1- Open Chrome on your Android phone.

Step 2- Then the three-dot menu button from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3- Navigate to Settings and then click on Themes.

Step 4- Select Dark to enable the Dark mode.


To enable Chrome Dark mode on iOS here are the simple steps that iPhone users need to follow

Step 1- Open Settings on your iOS device

Step 2- Then under the ‘Display & Brightness’ select the Dark option.

Step 3- Then open Chrome and you will see the dark theme.

Android and iOS users should keep in mind that the Dark mode on Chrome is available only on devices running Android 5 or up, and iOS 13.