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WhatsApp now makes it easy to add contacts via QR codes. This method eliminates the need to enter the contact’s number and name in order to send a message. In just a few steps, you can create and scan WhatsApp QR codes from Android or iOS. We will show you how to create and scan QR codes with your smartphone.

Android: How do you create/scan WhatsApp QR codes?

  • Tap on the triangle in the upper right corner of WhatsApp to open it.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Tap on the QR Code option on the right-hand side of your Name in the Setting’s Menu.
  • You will find two choices: Scan Code or My Code.
  • To get contact information, you can either share a photo of the My Code page with someone else or have them scan it.
  • To scan the QR codes of others, you can access the Scan Code Page.
  • After scanning the code, the contact is added to WhatsApp.
  • You can take a screen shot of your code and tap the Gallery icon on the Scan Code Page. The code will then be available for scanning.

How to scan and create WhatsApp QR codes for iPhones

  • Tap on Settings to open WhatsApp.
  • Click on the QR code next to your name.
  • Tap on the QR code screen to display your code or scan it.

You may feel your WhatsApp QR code has been circulated a lot, and reaching people that you don’t trust. Simply go to the My Code page, tap on the triangle icon in the upper right corner and reset your QR code. You can then choose the “Reset QR code” option. You can now share the newly generated code with others.