How to apply for Aadhaar card for your newborn

Aadhaar cards, just like PAN and voter cards, are documents that all Indian citizens should possess, even babies. Aadhaar is an Indian document which serves as proof of identity and addresses. Aadhaar cards are mandatory for every job. It is mandatory for all work in the country.

UIDAI provides the opportunity to obtain Aadhaar cards for your baby up until 5 years old. It is now easy for parents to apply for Aadhaar cards for their newborn. Applying for Aadhaar as a newborn is easier than for adults. Children below five years old are not eligible for certain criteria.

These are some guidelines

If you apply for Aadhaar to provide Aadhaar services for children between the ages of 0 and 5, no biometric information is necessary.

The Aadhaar card for children aged 0-5 years will be authenticated and processed based upon the photograph and demographic data of the parents.

How do they get their biometric information registered with Aadhaar when the children are five years old? These children must register their Aadhaar biometric data, such as fingerprints, when they reach five years old.

Required documents

Original birth certificate

A parent must give a Adhaar card to their child.

For verification purposes, you will need original copies of the documents.

Apply for Aadhaar Card for Newborns

You will need to go to the closest Aadhaar enrollment center in order for your child’s Aadhaar card.

You can make an appointment online to save time and avoid any waiting.

Visit the UIDAI website to book an appointment. Click on the “Get Aadhaar” section.

Enter the details of your location

Click on Next to book an appointment

-Select New Aadhaar option

Enter your mobile number, then click the Generate OTP button

Enter your details and click the Proceed button.

Click Next to select the appointment time and date you would like at the centre.

To book an appointment, verify your details by clicking on the submit button.

All required documentation must be brought to the Centre.