How to block ad tracking on iOS and Android platform

You may have noticed that if an ad is opened in an app accidentally, your screen will be flooded with other ads. This is due to location tracking, which can be useful for finding places but also allows tech companies to sell you stuff.

It not only helps you to navigate but also allows minions of the system to monitor your movements. Recognized brands such as Apple and Google use targeted advertising to make a large portion of their revenue through mobile ads. Although most data sharing policies are hidden behind privacy policies pages, some users may still be tempted to click on unwanted marketing links. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you if you are facing this problem.

Change the location settings on your smartphone

You can change your privacy settings to prevent iOS and Android platforms from monitoring your daily activities. Here’s how to disable location from Android devices: First, go to the Settings menu.

Scroll down to the Location option

Scroll down to find “Google Location Settings”

Click on “Location History” or “Location Reporting”, then switch to Off.

Location History has a button called “Delete Location History”, which will delete your device’s cache.

Follow the steps below to disable location settings from an Apple device.

– Go to Privacy and open Settings.

Select Location Services

Scroll down to find “System Services”

To delete the “logged record”, turn off any significant locations. Tap Clear History.

Stop Google tracking your device permanently

Click on Settings to search for Accounts

– Click on Gmail to access your account. If multiple accounts have been added, click on the one that you wish to modify.

Scroll down after selecting “Google Account”, and then tap Manage data & personalisation

Next, select “Activity Controls”

You can turn off different data types that are saved to Google. You can disable the “Web Activity” toggle to prevent location markers from being stored.

iOS and Android limit ad tracking

Both on Android and Apple devices, you can limit the tracking of ads. Android platform: Go to Settings>> Google Ads > Turn on “Opt Out of Ad Personalization” for iOS users.

Use a private browser/install an ad-blocking plugin

Private browsers can block ad and location trackers automatically. If you use Chrome, you can also install ad blocking extensions that will block annoying ads.