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Mumbai Metro One Private Limited runs Mumbai’s metro service and has now created an “eticket” to help commuters. This e-ticket can be booked directly via WhatsApp. Some reports claim that Mumbai Metro One (Mass Rapid Transit System) is the first MRTS to offer e-tickets through WhatsApp.

For the unversed, this metro service runs on the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar route of the city. For commuters, the paper QR Ticket can be purchased at ticket counters.

WhatsApp: What is the best way to book a Mumbai Metro One eticket

Here are these steps to follow to obtain an e-ticket through WhatsApp

  1. Use WhatsApp to send a hi text message to 9670008889
  2. WhatsApp will receive the OTP.

The OTP must also be shown at the counter. This OTP can be used for up to five minutes. This one-time password is required to use metro. It must be submitted at the ticket counter in less than 20 minutes. Transitors can scan QR codes to receive tickets from the platform.

The WhatsApp bot should be able to provide details about the prices for various routes. MMOPL says they use many innovative technologies such as mobile QR tickets and bank combo cards.

For the unversed, Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar is the first metro route in Mumbai and the Mumbai Metro One has a daily ridership of 2,60,000.

BMC (Bihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) collaborated with WhatsApp to develop MyBMC Assist. This chatbot is a WhatsApp app. This chatbot is available to Mumbai residents who can receive support or register for complaints. They can also apply for festival permissions and renew their licenses. Mumbaikars can access grievance resolution or renewal services by sending “Hi” messages via WhatsApp to 89999228999.



Mumbai Metro offers an “eticket” via WhatsApp. This is the first time that this method of payment has been used. Some reports claim it even created an app to allow commuters to purchase tickets directly through WhatsApp. Mumbai Metro One Private Limited (MTA), runs metro services in Mumbai.