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There are more COVID-19 cases in Delhi-NCR. Now is the best time to get the COVID-19 booster shots. Masks are now mandatory in many cities including Noida, Delhi, Bulandshahr, and Lucknow.

COVID-19 booster shots: Eligibility

Adults over 18 years old who haven’t received the first dose in nine months are eligible for a booster dose. The vaccines are now available in all private clinics. All citizens must carry the second dose.

Reserve a slot with the COVID-19 Booster Dosage

Here’s how you book booster shots slots. Book your slots using apps like Paytm and WhatsApp. The CoWin website allows you to book your slot. Important to remember that citizens will require the same mobile number and ID card as in past doses.

  1. Click “Book Your Slot” on the CoWin site.
  2. Next, enter the registered number. You must enter the registered number using the same mobile phone number that you used for your previous doses.
  3. If you have been sick for more than 9 months, you can reserve a slot to receive your precaution dosage.
  4. Next, click on Schedule and enter your pin code
  5. Once you complete the form, you will see a list of available vaccine centers near you
  6. You can now choose the date and time you want, and pay the fee.


Common questionCOVID-19Can I change my appointment for COVID-19? If you are unable to make your appointment on the scheduled date, click on the “Reschedule” tab.

COVID-19Common Question: How do I preregister online to receive a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

COVID-19Common QuestionWhere can I get the COVID-19 vaccine certificate? You can access the Co-WIN portal at, the Aarogya Setu App or Digi-Locker and follow the steps. This can be done by entering the registered mobile number.

Common question: COVID-19

COVID-19Common QuestionWhy is a COVID-19 vaccine certificate required? A COVID Vaccine Certificate issued by government provides assurances to beneficiaries on vaccination and type. The provisional certificate also identifies the next due vaccination. The certificate can also be used to show proof to government agencies, especially if the beneficiary is traveling. Vaccination protects people from the disease and reduces the risk of them spreading it. In the future, certificates may be required for international travel and social interaction.

COVID-19Common Question: Will I get an SMS when scheduling my COVID-19 vaccine appointment? The appointment slip can be downloaded and printed or kept on your smartphone.


People who are not vaccinated for shingles need to receive COVID-19 booster shot. Private clinics have all the vaccines and everyone must keep their second dose with them. India has established a Precaution Dose Program that will be made available.