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People are spending more time indoors these days and are turning to social media to stay connected with friends or colleagues. Many apps which users didn’t use have huge engagement scores or download rates. WhatsApp, India’s most used messaging app and preferred choice for voice or video calling is WhatsApp. Other apps, such as Zoom or Google Meet are also available that can be used to host events and meetings.

You may have used Zoom to communicate with colleagues if you work remotely. Zoom makes it easy to connect with others. You simply need to click the link, and you can connect via either the browser or through the app. Zoom offers a free tier that allows you to add as many as 100 people and allow for calls lasting up to 40 minutes per group. You can also screen share and receive HD voice, video, and audio. Zoom has security problems, however its Enterprise options at $19.99 per month are more appropriate for larger organizations.

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Virtual background

According to reports, Google Meet may soon add blur background features to its video-calling app. Although it has yet to be available in Google’s mobile app, the Zoom app already offers this feature. Zoom users on iOS are not able to use the virtual background feature. This feature would come as a huge relief to Android users if Google added it.

Zoom’s video-calling app will offer a variety of background options. There is also the option to upload your photo, and have it appear as background. Zoom users have the option to blur background photos. You can do this by simply taking any image and blurring it with a photo editor app.

Zoom Video Calling App: How do I change the background?

Step 1. Launch the Zoom app and join or hold a meeting. Tap “More” in the lower right corner.

Second Step: Choose a Virtual Background. You can choose any image you like. After you have selected one of the backgrounds, Zoom will change the background automatically.



People are spending more time indoors and using social media apps such as WhatsApp and Google Meet to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues. Because you can connect via video or phone calls, some apps previously unknown have gained huge popularity. Zoom has gained popularity because of its ability to connect via video chat or call.