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Netflix is one the most popular and expensive streaming service in India. Many people will buy Netflix’s subscription regardless of the cost because they love its intuitive UI and creativity. Netflix has plans that are based on how many screens the user can view the content and whether or not HD and Ultra HD video is available. There are four options available in India: Standard, Mobile and Premium plans.

Netflix’s CEO, Kevin Anderson, recently stated that the company is open to a cheaper plan with ad-supported content and may introduce these plans in the future. The announcement came after Netflix reported that it lost 2,00,000. It is possible that 2 million more subscribers will drop in the following quarter.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription

Here are some steps to follow if you want to downgrade or upgrade your Netflix subscription.

  1. Log in to the Netflix application or site from your desktop.
  2. Navigate to “Accounts” in the menu
  3. You will find the option to “Change Plan” under “Plan details”.
  4. Click “Continue”, select your preferred plan, and then click “Continue”.
  5. Click on “save to update”, and then you’re good to go

Upgrades to your plan will be effective immediately. Netflix is a pre-paid service so your billing date may change depending on how much you have left. ”

If you’ve downgraded to a plan with a lower cost, the change will be effective on your next billing date. You can still use high-end features of the plan until your next billing date.

Netflix Subscription Plans: Prices and Features

Netflix India offers 4 subscription options: Standard, Mobile, Premium, and Standard. Netflix offers only monthly online subscriptions to Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video. There are also annual plans available for Zee5 or Zee5 subscriptions.

Mobile: Rs 149

This plan costs Rs. 149 per monthly and offers excellent video streaming quality at 480p. It also allows one screen access on a mobile phone and one tablet.

Basic: Rs. 199

This plan is available at a cost of Rs. 199 per month and offers video quality in 480p resolution. It also gives you access to your TV, mobile and tablet via the internet.

Standard Price: Rs 499

Standard plans cost Rs 499 per monthly and offer a 1080p resolution. The service can be accessed on any device, including mobile and tablet devices as well as TVs, computers, tablets, televisions, and smartphones.

Premium: Rs. 649

India’s most costly Premium plan costs Rs 649 per Month. This plan offers 4K+HDR resolution and access via mobile, tablet and TV.



Netflix, an Indian online streaming service, offers four different plans. These are based on how many screens you can watch the content and whether or not it is available in HD and Ultra HD. This article will guide you through how to upgrade or downgrade your Netflix subscription.