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UPI makes life easier for many people who live in cities. UPI has gained acceptance in many other countries. This has helped India reach the highest position in digital transactions with the most number.

Google Pay integrates with UPI. It is extremely popular in India, and supports multiple banks accounts. UPI allows users to quickly check their bank balance. You can make payments via QR code scanning or by calling a number. These services all use UPI. To make transactions or perform any other function, you will need your PIN code.

It is crucial to keep your UPI PIN secure and safe. You should change your UPI PIN immediately if you suspect that it has been compromised, or even a very simple one such as ‘0000’ and ‘1234.

This is how to change your UPI pin via Google Pay

Open Google Pay Tap your image at the top-right.
Account at -Tap Bank
Click on the account that you wish to modify.
Tap More to Change Your UPI PIN.
Create a new UPI PIN.
Enter the UPI PIN number again.

You must either reset your UPI PIN within 24 hours if you enter a different UPI PIN three times or more. During this period, you can’t send money or receive it.

Your UPI ID can be changed. It is usually based on both your first and last names. UPI ID (typically [email protected]) is an address which identifies you when using UPI.

These are the steps to change or find your UPI ID.

Search for your UPI ID in Google Pay

Google Pay Open
Tap your picture in the upper right.
Tap Bank Account
Click on the account to see your UPI ID.
The UPI ID associated with this UPI ID will be found under “UPI IDs”.
Google Pay allows you to change your UPI ID

Update your UPI ID

Google Pay Open
Tap your picture in the upper right.
Tap payments
Click on the account to see your UPI ID.
Tap on the UPI ID that is associated with your bank account.
Click the “+” button next to your UPI ID.

Notice: Before you click the button to “proceed with payment”, you will see your UPI ID.



UPI, an electronic payment system for urban residents, makes it easy to pay. UPI is also popular in global markets. India, for example, has the highest number of digital transactions. Google Pay supports multiple accounts. Users can also use it to access multiple bank accounts.