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WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in the world. You can delete multiple WhatsApp accounts if they are not being used anymore. You can even change your WhatsApp number through Facebook. This feature allows you to change your WhatsApp number on any phone, old or new.

Your data will not be lost, and your old number can still work. Before changing your number, make sure that your new number is able to receive phone calls and SMS. Make sure you check that your cellular connection is active. You will also need to ensure that the old number you used for your phone is still registered in the app. Open WhatsApp Settings, tap your profile picture and you can locate your registered number.

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If you only need to remove your WhatsApp account then please go to Settings > Account > Delete my account. Enter your region and phone number. After you click on “Next”, the messaging app will prompt you to explain why you want to leave WhatsApp. There are a number of options that you can choose from. Your account will then be deleted after you’re done. However, before you delete an account, it is important to backup all data and chat.

How do you change your WhatsApp number?

First, open the message app on your smartphone and then go to Settings.

Second Step: Go to the Account section, and click on Change Number.

3rd Step: Next, you will need to input your old and new numbers. To complete the process, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.