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You might have dismissed notifications accidentally on an Android phone in the past. This can be frustrating. Notifications are an integral part of your phone and keep you connected to it. You won’t be notified immediately if you receive a message or alert via any app. It is possible you are thinking that it only takes a few moments to go through all your apps to see if anything has changed.

Yes. However, you can view your Android phone’s history to see all notifications. This feature cannot be accessed directly on Android 10. Google has made it easier to view your notifications history using Android 11. Google’s “Notification History” feature, which was first seen in the developer preview, displays a list showing all recent notifications that you have dismissed.

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Alternate to Stock Notification Log Option

You can currently find all missed messages and updates in the Notification Log widget. If you are unable to find the Notification Log widget on your smartphone, you may download the “Notification History log” app from Google Play Store. It is an excellent app that will give you more information than the standard Notification Log. You can view all messages from apps such as WhatsApp and Twitter.

This app doesn’t need to be closed. It gives you the opportunity to return to that app, which will display any messages you are reading. You can also choose the popular dark theme. You can also access advanced filters, blacklist apps and store unlimited notifications. The Pro edition will not allow you to do this. Here’s how to recover deleted messages accidentally using the stock widget option if you do not want to use any third-party apps.

What can I do to delete accidentally deleted notifications from my Android phone?

First Step: Long-press any area on your screen and then tap on “Widgets”.

Second Step: Scroll down to find the “Settings” widget. You can place the widget on your home screen by long-pressing it. To create a shortcut, tap on the “Notification Log”.

Step 3 Scroll through the recently deleted notifications by tapping on the widget.


Scroll down to the Notification log option in the Settings menu. On your home screen, a Notification log shortcut will be displayed. Just tap this, and you’ll have access to your notification history and be able to retrieve those missed notifications.22-Mar-2021


You might have dismissed notifications accidentally in the past. In the second developer preview was discovered the “Notification History” feature. It displays a list showing all notifications that you have recently deleted. You can also blacklist applications and store unlimited notifications.