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Every user today lives with a smartphone. People are more likely to be locked out than ever before and are now more dependent on their smartphones to keep them entertained. This is portable computing and it can do many tasks that were impossible a decade ago. You can now get powerful processors and amazing screens, as well as high-level battery performance.

Nowadays, users use many apps. Some even do complex tasks every day. This all takes a lot out of your battery. It doesn’t really matter if you buy an expensive iPhone, or a low-end Android phone. As time passes batteries get less efficient. You need to learn how you can improve battery life and safety over the long-term.

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Recently, we wrote a story about how OnePlus users can check their battery status. The article can be found here. This article will cover how iPhone owners can monitor their battery health. You can get an overview of your battery life and see which apps consume more. There are only a few steps you should follow.

The battery health section will give you information about your maximum performance and battery capacity. Apple claims that iPhone users who have lower battery capacity will experience shorter charging times and less hours. The below photos show that our iPhone’s battery has a 99 percent capacity. This is impressive considering we just got a brand new iPhone. You will see the “peak performance ability” line when you have an iPhone that is performing well. You will see the details in the below screenshots.

How can you increase the battery life of your iPhone?

You can also reduce the battery drain by turning off location services. To help conserve some battery life, there is a Low Power mode available in the settings. iPhone users have the option to use dark mode, and then turn on auto brightness for better battery life. You can view your screen time information in the battery section to see which apps are draining battery most. You can then take appropriate action if you find an app that is draining your battery, or another regular app. For better results, you can also manage your notifications.

How do I check the battery life of an iPhone?

Step 1. Go to Settings.

Step 2 Click on Battery. Here you can see the screen time details.

Step 3 You can also tap the Battery Health bar for further information.



Every user today lives with a smartphone. People are more dependent on their smartphones than ever for entertainment, as lockdown makes it difficult to stay indoors. Smartphones are equipped with powerful processors and large screens, as well as amazing cameras that were impossible a decade ago. Today, smartphones are used by millions of people.