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OnePlus will once more enter the mid-range smartphone market with a brand new product line, called Nord. This will mean that OnePlus will have a larger product range and more customers will be able buy its products. OnePlus, like every smartphone manufacturer, is pushing for faster charging. It is important to know the battery life of OnePlus phones, as they do not come with removable batteries. Apple realized this and added an additional feature, Battery Health.

You can now check the battery health on your OnePlus smartphone. A diagnostic app is available from the company that provides insight into the battery health. This app is called “OnePlus Diagnostic” and it comes with the package name com.oneplus.healthcheck. XDA developers Note that this app works with HydrogenOS as well as OxygenOS. The app allows you to take stock of important battery parameters such as temperature and charging status, along with capacity.

Check the battery health on your OnePlus smartphone

1. Get the APK Mirror app “OnePlus Diagnostic”.

2. After downloading the app, there will be an option to install it. If you don’t have the option to download from other apps yet, click on Install.

3. The app is easy to use once installed. On the main screen, you will see the name of your device, the CPU and memory configuration, as well as the battery capacity. You will also find Record and Detect Now options below.

4. You will find the option “View Battery Status” below your battery capacity.

5. You will be able to see details like battery capacity, temperature, charging state, type, and battery condition by clicking on the option.

6. The app doesn’t show battery status for OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro. We tried it on OnePlus 6 but the battery reading was visible at 88 percent.

The XDA Developers further note that the app read the value from /sys/class/power_supply/bms/battery_health. The acronym “bms”, which stands for Battery Management System, is used to indicate that the battery’s value was reported using a Maxim Integrated battery fuel gauge IC. The app will report a battery with a significant loss of capacity if it is less than 80 percent. Engineer mode also has diagnostic tools that can be used to diagnose the problem. This tool can be used to determine if your OnePlus smartphone is losing its battery more quickly than usual.


Get the OnePlus Diagnostic App. Open the app. Launch the app.

Get the OnePlus Diagnostic App. Open the app. Launch the app.

If you have already installed the OnePlus Care app, click Diagnose option and choose custom. They are not available on older phones. After installing the app you will be able to launch it and then tap the “View Battery Status” button. 06-Oct-202020

Get the OnePlus Diagnostic App. Open the app. Launch the app.


OnePlus will enter the mid-range segment with a new product range called Nord. The company plans to expand its product range and make it more accessible for consumers. OnePlus, like every smartphone manufacturer, offers faster charging for its phones. Its phones are not