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Instagram released “Reels” in July. The perfect moment for Instagram to launch this feature was because TikTok in India had been banned. Instagram Reels, which is still new to many users, can be difficult to locate. The app forms part of Instagram’s main platform.

Facebook allows you to record multiple-clip, 15-second videos with audio effects and sound. Reels is Instagram’s future entertainment. Reels is available to all, including large media companies and content creators. Instagram Reels lets you post videos simply by swiping it whenever the app’s open.

These five videos are worth watching on Android.

There are three options available: Live, Reels or Story. Reels will allow you to upload your video. Reels, a popular Indian app that lets users post short videos, is very popular. Instagram claims that India accounts for over a third of all Instagram post content. Both short-form and long-form video are included. According to the company, live streaming videos became a big trend after the pandemic. You can view Instagram Reels videos in many ways. Keep reading for more information.

What is the best way to check Instagram Reels videos for accuracy?

The Explore feed allows you to view Reels videos. Once you have opened the app, click the magnifying glass icon. An Instagram Reels video will be displayed at the top of your app. This will display a Reels icon, which lets you distinguish between Instagram TV or Reels. You’ll be able to continue the looping video by swiping down.

The clips can be viewed by clicking the Reels tab on the profile. Only the individual’s video will be visible. Reels will display videos uploaded by your friends.


Instagram Reels can be found by visiting your Explore page. This is where IGTV and Shop are also available. You can find Reels made by Instagram users. 07-Dec-2021


Reels were launched by Instagram in July. Because TikTok was banned in India, this was the ideal time to launch Reels. Instagram Reels, which is still new to many users, can be difficult to locate. This is an app that’s part of Instagram.