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Microsoft Word is the best tool to create memos, letters, and brochures. When sharing documents such as resumes or forms, it is best to save them in PDF format. You can’t make any modifications to your file. It may look simple but it can take a lot of effort to convert an MS file into PDF. You will find these steps easy to follow.

Convert Word documents to PDF

This is possible using Microsoft Word’s Word processing. The desktop version allows you to convert MS Word documents into PDF. Open the document you want to convert, and then click the File tab in the upper-left corner.

The “Save As” button will appear at the bottom.

A new page will be opened by clicking Save As. On the right, you will see “Documents”.

Click the dropdown icon right above the “Save” field to save your file. Next, choose PDF (*.pdf).

Modify the filename. Enter your file name and click on the Save button.

Once the PDF file is saved, word will open the Word document once more. The default PDF viewer will then open the new PDF file.

These steps will help you to convert a Word file into a PDF on MAC.

What is the best way to convert MS Word files into PDF?

This process only works if MS Word has been installed on your machine. Apple Pages can be used in place of MS Word.

To open the Word file, click on the “Open With” button.

Once the page has opened, click on File.

After the process is complete, you’ll see a menu. To set the best image quality, click Next.

The next step is to enter the file name as well as the location where it was saved. Once you have completed all the details, click the Export button. This will convert the document to a PDF.

If you have an MS Word file, you can upload it to Google Docs. Once the file has been uploaded, you will be able to rename it by clicking the “Untitled Document” bar. Tap the File button, then select Download > PDF. This works without any formatting in MS Word.