How to create locked folder on Google Photos

The Google Photos Locked Folder facility will now be available in other Android smartphones apart from Pixel smartphones. In June, the feature to lock photos and videos saved in Google Photos was released. Although Google introduced this unique feature only for users with Google Pixel smartphones, according to the latest report, Google has started rolling out its locked folder on other Android smartphones.

According to Google Photos, photos or videos with a password attached will not appear in the Google Photos grid, Search, or Albums. These photos will also not be seen in the installed app on the phone. This feature was announced in May at the Google I/O event 2021.

The Locked Folder feature will be made available in the Android version of Android 6.0 and above. Users will get a notification once this feature comes to their Android device to know that they can use Google Photos locked folder.

Photos and videos saved in Google Photos Locked Folder can neither be backed up nor shared. Through this feature, users will easily hide their photos and videos. Screenshots of images saved in this folder will also not be taken. To view, i.e., access these photos or videos, users will have to enter the device’s screen password.

Here’s how you can lock your photos

  1. First of all, your phone should have the latest version of Google Photos.
  2. Then open Google Photos.
  3. Now go to the Library. Search here for Utilities.
  4. Then click on Set Up Locked Folder.
  5. Doing so will open a screen. Characteristics of Locked Folder Feature will be given on this.
  6. Click on Set up Locked Folder to proceed.
  7. Here you can set a password on the local folder.
  8. You can also use the lock pattern of your phone.
  9. In this way, you can easily keep your photos and videos secure in Google Photos by locking them.