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Instagram can be distracting, you have to admit. You can scroll through Instagram endlessly, or even Reels for hours. It is addictive. It has happened to us. If you wish to detox Instagram, there are two choices: permanently or temporarily deactivate your account. Instagram cannot temporarily disable an account. You will need to access the app from a computer or laptop.

How to delete your Instagram account temporarily

This article will help you disable Instagram on your laptop/computer.

  1. Open your Instagram account on your computer/laptop
  2. Click on the Profile Photo in the upper left corner.
  3. Scroll down to go to “Edit Profile”.
  4. Click “Temporarily disable my account”
  5. This entry will include the reason for your decision.
  6. You can then enter your password. You can then click on “Temporarily Disable account” and you are good to go.

Temporarily disabling your account temporarily will hide your profile, photos and other information until it is activated again.

Once you’ve completed your detox/break, you can log in again from the mobile or web app to activate Instagram.

Permanently deleting an account is possible, however it may take up to 90 day. Instagram keeps up to 90-day backups of account data. Instagram claims that backups are used in the event of software bugs, natural disasters, and data loss. You may have your information stored to comply with legal requirements, prevent injury, and enforce terms. You can find this information in our Data Policy.



Instagram can be addictive. Instagram can be distracting, you have to admit. Instagram offers two ways to deactivate an account: one, temporarily; and 2, permanently. You can detox using Instagram by choosing this option.