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The recent Elon Musk Twitter Takeover has sparked a lot excitement. He has his opinions on free speech and the future direction of Twitter. Some may be happy about the buyout while others might not.

Here’s how to temporarily deactivate an account if you belong to the second half of this group or want to be away from Twitter for a while.

How do you temporarily delete your twitter account

  1. Navigate to your Twitter account and click on the menu icon
  2. Navigate to Privacy > Settings
  3. Click on “Account”, then click “Deactivate my account”.
  4. Click “Deactivate” to confirm that you wish to cancel your account.

Remember that your account can be permanently deleted if it is not deactivated within a specified timeframe of 30 days. You will be unable to activate the account again and you will also lose your access to any old tweets.

Twitter states that “Once you delete your account after the 30-day window,” your username will not be accessible for registration by any other Twitter account.

You will see the “mentions” of your account username in others’ tweets even if your account has been deactivated. The handle won’t be associated with your profile, as it will not be visible.

Twitter clarified that deactivating or reactivating an account if it is causing problems such as “missing tweets”, incorrect following or follower counts, suspicious Direct messages or account compromise” will not solve the problem.



Take care with the 30-day rule. If you activate your account prior to the 30th, you could lose access old tweets.