How to disable auto-correct on Android smartphones and tablets

Mobile keyboards’ auto-correct function can prove to be both a blessing and an annoyance. The auto-correct function can save you time and help to avoid typos. This saves you the embarrassment and frustration of making mistakes in official mails. However, this feature could also cause problems for some users. It can make typing difficult by changing the words they’re trying to write.

It is best to disable the auto-correct feature in such situations. Here are some steps to disable auto-correct on your Android tablet or smartphone using Gboard.

How do I disable auto-correct

  1. Navigate to “Settings” in your smartphone/tablet.
  2. Choose the “Languages & Input” option from “System” or under “General Management”.
  3. Click on the “virtual keyboard”.
  4. You will be taken to a page listing all the installed keyboards. Choose Gboard
  5. The settings menu will be opened for the Android keyboard.
  6. Choose “Text correction”.
  7. Just turn off “Auto-correction”, and you’re done.

Please note that different handsets may have slightly different steps for disabling and enabling the feature.

iPhone and iPad owners can disable the auto-correct function by opening “Settings”, tapping on “General”, scrolling to the bottom, and selecting “Keyboard”. Turn off the toggle next to the Auto-Correction option. That’s it! To avoid the prediction function of the keyboard, iOS users may also need to disable the toggles for “Auto Capitalisation”, Check Spellings and Text Replacement.

You can turn on “Auto-correction”, by returning to the page and selecting the appropriate toggles.