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It’s not as simple as downloading videos from YouTube. Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms, doesn’t offer an option for downloading videos that can be viewed offline. You are in the right spot if you want to download Facebook videos for your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or Mac.

This is how you can download Facebook videos using simple steps for Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Macs, or Windows.

Download Facebook Videos on Windows and Mac

Many websites allow you to download videos from Facebook. One of the most popular options is

First, right-click the Facebook video that you wish to download onto your desktop.

Copy the current video URL.

Next, visit

Copy the link and then click the Download button. Next, choose between HD (HD) and normal (SD).

You will need to click on the video right-click and save it on you desktop

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A different way to get Facebook videos for desktop

You can download videos from Facebook on your desktop using a variety of apps. One of the most popular is

To download the 4K Video Downloader, visit Install it on your device.

Next, click on the Facebook video you wish to download.

You will need to then choose Copy Video URL At the moment

Click on Paste Link to Open 4K Video Downloader

The app will grab the clipboard video link. Before downloading the video from Facebook, you will be able to select the quality of the video.

Download Facebook Videos on Android

Open the Facebook video that you wish to download

Click on the Share option, then click Copy Link.

Next, go to Copy the URL in the appropriate section. Click on the Download button.

Choose the quality of the video you want to download from Facebook.

Next, choose Chrome to download the video and save it in Firefox

The downloaded video from Facebook will automatically be saved to the Downloads folder

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Download Facebook videos to your iPhone

First, open the Facebook Video you wish to Download.

Click on the Share option, then click Copy Link.

Next, open with a browser that allows you to download. Firefox supports downloading, not Chrome and Safari.

Copy the link below and then click on Download

Next, select the quality that you want to save the video at.

Next, visit the browser’s Download Section. It can be found via the hamburger icon in Firefox. Click on the video to save it.

You can locate the video in Photos App.