How to download FAU-G mobile game on Android phone, iPhone

Today, FAU-G was officially released in India. There’s one catch. For now, Android users can only access the so-called PUBG Mobile Indian alternative. iPhone users need not be concerned as the game will soon become available in the Apple App Store. nCore Games has yet to announce the timeline for iOS accessibility. FAU-G will now be available for Android smartphones, whether they are high-end or mid-range.

How do I download FAUG for Android

FAU-G is only available for Android users. You can download FAU-G or the so called PUBG Mobile Alternative from the Google Play Store. This is a step by step guide to how you can download FAUG for your smartphone.

STEP 1: First connect your Android phone to a stable WiFi connection.

STEP 2 Unlock your phone, then head to the Google Play Store.

STEP 3. Type FAUG, nCore Gaming or FAUG are the options in the search bar.

STEP4: There are many choices there. Many fake FAU-G versions can be found. You should check the one with “Studio nCore Private Limited.” Ltd.” Official name is FAU-G. Fearless and United Guards. Make sure to download the right game for your device.

Click the following link to download FAU–G

Step 5: Click on the next button to download. It should only take about a minute depending on how fast your WiFi is.

STEP 6 : Once the game is downloaded, it’s time to install it. It should take only a couple of seconds.

STEP7: Now you can get the so-called PUBG mobile alternative.

How do I download FAUG for iPhone

FAU-G is not yet available for iPhone users, as mentioned previously. In an interview with BGR India, Vishal Gondal (Founder of nCore Games) stated that FAU-G will soon be available on iOS. However, the timeline is not yet confirmed.