How to enable Google Chrome’s new Memories feature

Google Chrome is testing a new feature called “Memories” that will make it easier for users to manage their web activity. The feature will essentially display a user’s web activity in one place including bookmarks, tab groups, and Chrome history.

According to a Techdows report, all of the user’s web activity is displayed in a card-based view in the Chrome browser. So users can search through their previous web activity in one place.

Do keep in mind that the Memories feature for Google Chrome is being tested so it can not be enabled Simply from Chrome’s Settings tab as of now. However, it is available in Google Chrome Canary version 92.0.4479.0 for those interested in giving it a try.

Google Chrome is experimenting with the “Memories” feature currently and as with other such features, the test is no guarantee that it will make it to the stable version for everyone. It could also be that Google might just drop the feature altogether. Of course, we will need to wait for an official announcement to know more.

Google Chrome Memories feature: How to enable

• Do keep in mind that Memories for Google Chrome is only available in Chrome Canary as of now.

• To get started, start Chrome Canary version 92.0.4479.0 or higher on your Windows, macOS, or Linux desktop or laptop computer.

• Type “chrome://flags” in the address bar. Press the “Enter” key.

• You should see the Flags screen. Type “Memories” in the search bar.

• Once the “Memories” flag appears, enable it. You will then need to restart the browser, so make sure that data in your other tabs are saved.

• Finally click on the “Relaunch” button.

• After Google Chrome Canary is relaunched, type “chrome://memories” in the address bar to see all your web activity including bookmarks, tab groups, and Chrome history in one place.