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Are you worried that someone has blocked your WhatsApp account? Although there’s no way to tell WhatsApp if you have been blocked by someone, you can find out the identity of those who have blocked you using a few methods.

Facebook’s messaging service has shared some tricks and tips to help users find out whether a person/contact blocked them from WhatsApp. The FAQ page of WhatsApp lists these tricks. These tips and tricks are available on WhatsApp’s FAQ page.

Who blocked you from WhatsApp

Tip #1: WhatsApp suggests that you check the last seen to find out if somebody blocked your account. You will not see your last seen on WhatsApp if someone blocks you.

Tip #2: WhatsApp recommends checking the status online of the contact in such cases. You will be unable to see their online status if they block you via WhatsApp.

TIP 3: Look at the profile picture of any contact that you suspect has blocked you from WhatsApp. You are likely to be blocked if you can’t see their profile photo. You may also find that your contact has removed either their display or phone number. WhatsApp has a function that allows you to disable the public display of your profile picture.

Tips 4: Call the person via WhatsApp if you think that they have blocked you. The call won’t go through if you are blocked. This will let you know if someone has blocked your call.

Tip #5: Create a group. You won’t have the ability to add someone to a group if they/they block you on WhatsApp. You can then see if the contact is blocking you via WhatsApp.

Tip 6 Send a message. Your message may not be getting to your contact.

If you can see the above indicators for contact, it could be that they are blocking you. There are many other options. This is to keep your privacy protected when blocking someone. WhatsApp explained in its FAQ that we can’t tell you whether you have been blocked by another person.