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The face of the bank system has been transformed by technology. Indian banks also witnessed the transformation from traditional banking practices into a major competitor in financial services. The sector has seen significant progress due to digitalization. People no longer have to wait in line to complete their work and paper use has decreased. Although technology has made it easier to save money and provided consumers with more options, some things still require human input. First, creating/generating ATM pin. These days, banks offer an instant option to generate a debit/credit card pin without ever visiting a bank branch. If you’ve received a SBI debit card or HDFC debit card, and you are having trouble creating a PIN online banking, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Online banking: How do you generate a SBI debit card pin?

These steps will allow you to generate a pin on your SBI debit cards. Before you get started, activate your ATM card under the “ATM card services” tab. It is important to note that only users with active net banking services can access the online ATM pin generator.

Step 1: Go to, and enter your credentials in order to log into your SBI Account.

Step 2: After logging in, go to “ATM Card Services” under the tab “e-services”.

Step 3: Choose ‘ATM pin Generation’. Next, two options will appear asking if you would like to create a PIN with OTP or a password. As it is more convenient, we recommend selecting the first option.

Step 4: After you have selected the OTP, it will be sent by SMS to your registered mobile number for your SBI Bank account. In the appropriate field, enter the OTP.

Step 5: Choose the ATM card-linked savings account and click on “Continue”

Step 6: Choose the ATM card for which the PIN must be generated. Click on “Submit”.

Step 7: Type the two first digits for the PIN that you wish to create. You will receive the second two digits via SMS from your bank.

Step 8: Enter the two first digits and two second digits from your SMS to register mobile. Once you click ‘Submit, the PIN is generated.

How to create a HDFC debit card pin online using internet banking

HDFC does not require that you activate your ATM card online, unlike SBI. These are the steps you need to follow in order to create a new pin for your HDFC debit card.

Step 1: Visit and login to Netbanking by entering your user/customer ID and IPIN

Step 2: After logging in successfully, choose the Cards tab from the top bar

Step 3: Next, go to the Debit Cards Menu

Step 4: Choose the Request option from the Debit Cards menu

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom and choose Pin Generation

Step 6: Choose the debit card that you would like to use and generate a pin.

Step 7: After completing the steps, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

Step 8: You can also use the HDFC mobile app to log-in using credentials. Menu > PAY> Cards > Debit cards. Set pin, and the pin will be created successfully