How to get free emotes in Free Fire in simple steps

Free Fire, the popular adventure-driven battle royale game now sits beside the other renowned titles PUBG Mobile, Fortnite. The BR title is known for its unique in-game items. Emotes in Free Fire is considered as one of the ‘intriguing assets’ in the game that come with cosmetic variations. These emotes can be used on the battlefield to troll enemies, or for clear communication. One can use a total of six emotes before entering the game. But while this sounds fun, obtain emotes require diamonds or the in-game currency. But there are alternate options to get emotes, in case you aren’t willing to spend cash. In this article, we have listed some of those methods on how to get free emotes in Free Fire.

How to get free emotes in Free Fire


Booyah! the Garena-designed streaming platform is one of the sources where one can get free rewards including emotes. Users need to create an account and watch a live stream for half an hour to stand a chance to win free rewards. The list of rewards can include- LOL emote, Wukong character, among others.

Amazon Prime Free Fire Rewards

Amazon Prime rewards event is currently live, and bundle a series of rewards including characters, costume bundles, emotes, vouchers, etc. At the moment, Wiggle Walk emote is available for free for Free Fire which can be obtained by signing and linking to an Amazon Prime account. Users can collect this between September 16 and September 29.

Redeem codes

Garena releases redeem codes for Free Fire periodically. These unique 12-digit codes can help players obtain emotes, weapon loot crates, gun skins, other cosmetics for free. All one needs to do is copy the code and past it on the Free Fire redemption site.

Special Airdrops

Apparently, there are forty different types of special airdrops in Free Fire. Upon playing matches for five days, one can get these airdrops in their account which bundle tons of items including emotes.

So here are a few simple ways that one can try to get their favourite emotes. Free Fire gaming events are another getaway for procuring emotes for free. Speaking of which, Free Fire Cobra Ascension event is currently running in the FF luck royale. The event will continue till September 26.