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PUBG Mobile World Invitational aka PMWI 2021 began on July 22 with a total of 32 invited teams from East and West regions led to battle head-to-head for the champions trophy. The charity event featured a prize pool of USD 3,160,000 which was divided equally among East and West regions.

Notably, Valdus Esports grab hold of the crown as the champions of PMWI East 2021 with an impressive onset winning the top spot in all five games. The PMWI East 2021 that continued till July 25 had a charity prize pool of $1.5 million, which will be donated to different charities. The charity prize pool initiative for the Eastern regions taken by Games Without Borders was donated to different charities that are providing vaccines to underdeveloped countries. While the event was organised for a good cause, PUBG Mobile is making headlines following Krafton’s recent announcement. To encourage viewers to watch the PMWI 2021, the developers announced that they will provide free rewards to all PUBG Mobile players who achieve different viewers milestones at the live viewers milestones event.

“The PUBG MOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL Live viewers target milestone achieved! Log into PUBG MOBILE for the next 2 days during July 26-29 to receive the free rewards in the events center,” Krafton cited.

PMWI 2021: How to get PUBG Mobile permanent outfits for free

PWMI 2021 live viewers milestones rewards include crate coupons, and two outfits, one of them being permanent along with a M416 gun skin. For those players who managed to achieve the required milestone at the event they can follow this simple guide to claim the rewards.

Here are a few simple steps to claim permanent outfits in PUBG Mobile via the event.

Step 1 – First up, open the PUBG Mobile and visit the Events center in the BR game.

Step 2 – Once the center pop-up on the home screen, look for PMWI Viewership milestone rewards.

Step 3- Claim the rewards and you are all set to try the PUBG Mobile permanent outfit.

As per reports, players in the PMWI East regions were required to achieve 1 million viewers to get outfit, crate coupons, silver fragments, and more; 1.5 million viewers for M416 gun skin, and 2 million viewers for the permanent outfit. As for the Western regions, a player had to achieve 200,000 viewers to earn the outfit, crate coupons, silver fragments, and more; 300,000 viewers for M416 gun skin, and 500,000 viewers for the permanent outfit.