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The verification process for Twitter accounts has resumed. The verification process was stopped by Twitter three years ago in an effort to ensure that all users have equal access. Twitter has made it easier for users to verify their accounts.

Microblogging will soon make it easy to verify your account. However, only those who are eligible can apply. To be eligible for the blue tick, users must meet certain requirements. We’ll take a closer look at the steps to verify your account on Twitter so you get that blue tick.

How do you apply to Twitter verification

Twitter announced that the verification option will be available to all accounts gradually. You may not see the account verification option right away. You can apply immediately if you already have this option, or wait for several days if it is not.

To apply for account verification, you’ll need to go to the Account option in the Settings section of the Twitter app.

Once the verification option has been made available to you, first verify your eligibility and make sure you are in one of six categories.

You will be required to give all details, including a government-issued ID and an email address.

You will be emailed a response by Twitter once your application has been submitted. It may take a few days. Twitter claims that the response will be sent within a few days to weeks depending on the number of open applications.

If Twitter approves your verification request, Twitter will immediately start to display the blue badge in your profile.

You have the right to apply again if Twitter rejects your application. This happens 30 days after you receive Twitter’s previous decision.

What is the best way to verify your Twitter account?

Government -Companies and brands, as well as organizations
News organizations and journalists
Gaming and eSports
Activists and organizers are some of the most influential people in our society.

Twitter claims that it will add more categories to the list later in this year.