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Summer is back. The National Capital Region is already experiencing temperatures of 42 degrees and people are complaining. Your body isn’t the only one getting hot. Your smartphone is your second lifeline as the temperature soars.

Your smartphone is not able to cool you off. Here are some tips to keep your phone from getting too hot this summer.

Direct sunlight is best avoided

Your smartphone is the same as you. Your smartphone should be kept out of direct sunlight and any heat sources. This is the best way to prevent it from heating up. If you’re inside, keep your phone away from the windows. If you’re outside, put your phone in a bag so it doesn’t get too much sunlight. Avoid storing your phone inside your car, or in any place that could act as a greenhouse.

Reduce the brightness

The devil is in the details. Adjust the brightness settings on your smartphone to reduce it. Turn off adaptive brightness on your phone. It’s simple math: the lower your smartphone’s screen brightness is, the more battery is used and the heating is lower.

Remove the case

Take off any case you have on your phone, particularly in the heat. It acts as insulation and traps heat which causes it to heat up faster than normal.

Your phone should be kept away

Your smartphone can heat up due to body heat in the summer. You can keep your smartphone from getting too warm by keeping it in a bag, rather than your pocket.

Do not test the limits of your smartphone

This is a no-brainer. No matter what the weather, playing games or editing photos and videos can take a lot out of your smartphone’s resources. You should avoid any activities that could make your phone warmer, such as playing games or editing photos and videos in high temperatures. Simply put, you should stop gaming or editing photos and videos until your smartphone is cool enough to handle it.

Close applications you don’t use

Multitasking can cause your smartphone to work overtime, particularly if you use graphics-intensive apps like games. You should close any apps you don’t use. You will save your battery and your phone won’t overheat.

Use Airplane mode

The Airplane mode should be used whenever your phone is not in use. Turn on Airplane mode when you’re out for a picnic, shopping trip or other activities where you won’t be receiving calls. It will not only save your battery but it also prevents the phone from getting too hot.


The phone’s internal parts can be permanently damaged by high temperatures. This could cause the mini circuit board to warp or flex, and also the battery to heat up. The screen can be damaged by direct sunlight, which causes it to crack, pixelate and not respond to your touch.

If your phone gets too hot, it can experience problems like battery drain, forced shutdown, and even a total meltdown (no joke, your phone’s Central Processing Unit is capable of melting if it reaches extreme temperatures).11-Aug-2021

You can move your phone away from direct sunlight.
Take care of your device.
All unused applications must be closed
Reduce the brightness.
Change the resolution.
You can check your power mode.
Remove your phone cover.
Take your device out of the car cradle.

Overheating phones can be caused by direct sunlight. If you are outside, cover the phone with a cloth to protect it from sun rays. Your phone could also heat up if it is exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.

Metal and glass are the two main materials in your phone. They absorb heat quickly, and can even reach extremely hot temperatures. 19-Sept-2018

Backup before you go. It is essential.
Keep It Cool.
Cool and Koozie
Waterproof Cases – Make an investment
Place it in a plastic bag.
To keep dry, use a peanut butter jar.
If your hair gets wet, use a hairdryer.
You can take your device out of the car.


The direct sun and high temperatures can cause your smartphone to heat up in summer. These are the things you should do to prevent it from getting too hot.