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Instagram and Facebook offer many features for users. You might also want to upload your photos to Facebook if you already have an Instagram account. You can link the two accounts to save time and avoid sharing the same photos twice. You can log in to Instagram easily if you have linked both social media accounts.

If you own multiple devices, this is a great way to save time and not have to retype the password every single time. Your Facebook friends will be able to find your Instagram account by linking the accounts. Your friends can send you a request to follow. You can also see who is on Instagram. These features are offered by Facebook to enhance your social media experience. You can connect or unlink Instagram accounts with Facebook using the following steps. Continue reading for more information.

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How do I link Instagram to my Facebook account?

Step 1. Open your Instagram account and click the three-dotted menu. Next, tap Settings.

Step 2 Tap Account > Link Accounts.

Next, tap Facebook to enter your Facebook login information. Other than Facebook, you also have other options such as Twitter. You can also share any post on Facebook to your linked accounts from the same screen as you added a caption. You can also share photos from Instagram to your Facebook Pages.

How do you unlink it from your Facebook account?

First, go to your profile. Click the button with three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2 Tap Settings> Account > Linked accounts

3rd Step: Open Facebook and tap on “Unlink Account” or “Unlink (Android). To confirm, you will need to tap “Yes. Unlink”.