How to lock your Facebook profile

Facebook introduced a profile lock feature for select users in India earlier this year. As the name suggests, the feature allows users to lock their profile from users not in their friend list. It should be noted that this feature is available only for some users in the country. Today, we will explain how you can lock your Facebook profile by following a few simple steps. Check it out below.

How to lock your Facebook profile [step-by-step guide]

STEP 1: You will first need to update your Facebook app by heading over to the Google Play store or Apple App store.

STEP 2: Next, visit your profile page

STEP 3: Then tap on ‘More’ under your profile name

STEP 4: From the drop down menu look for ‘Lock Profile’ option and click on it

STEP 5: After tapping on it you will receive a confirmation message on your screen.

STEP 6: Click on ‘Lock Your Profile’ to lock your profile.

What happens if you lock your Facebook profile?

If a Facebook profile is locked, it means that the user doesn’t want anyone out of their friend list to see their photos, posts and other details. Hence, they have chosen to lock their profile and show a limited view of their profile content to people they are not friends with on Facebook.

When you lock your Facebook profile, people outside your friend list will not be able to see photos and posts on the timeline, full size profile picture or cover photo, stories, new posts and photos and others.

Once the feature is enabled, any posts shared in the past to Public will change to Friends and also the timeline review and tag review will be turned on. When the feature is turned on only a portion of their About info will be visible to everyone on their profile.

Other ways to keep your Facebook profile private

Facebook profile lock option is available for some users only. If the lock your profile feature isn’t available, you can control your privacy by heading over to the privacy settings.

First, use Privacy Checkup.

Second, choose who you share posts, photos and other information with.

Third, edit basic info and choose who can see it.

Fourth, change your story privacy settings.

Fifth, turn on Timeline Review.

Sixth, turn on tag review.

Seventh, turn on Profile Picture Guard.

Eight, control Who Can Friend And Follow You.

Ninth, control who can look you up using your email or mobile phone number.