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Social media platforms are constantly pushing the boundaries to offer immersive experiences to their users in order to keep them engaged for long periods of time. Snapchat, another player in this game, has launched ‘Spotlight’, an entertainment platform for Indian users.

Snapchat’s new entertainment platform mimics Instagram Reels and TikTok short videos. This platform, which allows users to create content from their own devices, is said to have more than 100 million active users in January.

Spotlight may be an imitation of TikTok, but Snapchat added interesting features to make it stand out from the rest.

Snapchat Spotlight Entertainment Platform: What’s New?

Spotlight does not offer public commenting, unlike Instagram Reels and TikTok. This is done to prevent creators being harassed on the platform, which is often the case with popular social media sites. A user does not need to make a public account in order to upload their original content to the platform. To post content, they can use the standard account with default privacy settings.

You can even post anonymous content on the platform. The content must be original, and not copied from another platform. Spotlight uses both AI and human review to check what content is being uploaded.

Spotlight also allows you to easily share your short videos on other social media platforms, including Twitter. Creators can also earn money. Snapchat will offer a $1 million per day program to Spotlight India users. Snap has set a limit on the amount of views a post can receive. Creators who reach the limit will be eligible to get the payment.

Spotlight Entertainment Platform: How to Use It

Open the Snapchat app from your phone
Once the app has launched, you can check the playback option at the bottom of the right hand corner
It will open the Spotlight platform by tapping on it
If you want to see more content, scroll down and tap the “heart” icon.
To create a spotlight, tap the Snap camera icon and shoot

The new Spotlight entertainment platform has been launched in Brazil and Mexico. The service is available now in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.