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Cred introduced RentPay, a Credit Card Payment App that lets users pay monthly rent with a Credit Card. This service is available through Cred, increasing creditworthiness and financial confidence.

Individuals can earn rewards points for credit card purchases and free up cash by paying rent with their credit cards. Members will receive Cred coins when they pay their credit card bills. These Cred coins can be used to purchase products and services from Cred partners that are equal to the rent transaction.

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This is the Cred app. Here’s how to pay rent step by step.

First: Download the CRED app and choose RentPay

If you don’t have an account, install Cred and register. After you have everything set up, move on to RentPay within the app.

Step 2 Input the rent amount

In the provided column, enter the rent amount. This will not reflect the total amount deducted from credit as you will also need to pay a small service fee.

Step 3 Select ‘Proceed With Credit Card’

Select ‘Proceed With Credit Card’ to proceed with rent payment directly using your credit card.

Step 4. Name the Landlord

Enter the information of your landlord. In the first column, enter the name of the landlord.

Step 5 – Provide the details of your Landlord’s bank account or use our UPI address

We will now enter your landlord’s banking information so that your rent money can transfer to their account. Enter the bank account information of your landlord or their UPI address.

6th Step: Type your address to proceed with payment

In the provided column, enter your address. After you have completed this step, click “Proceed To Payment” to complete your payment via Cred.

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Cred launches RentPay and Stash new services for creditworthy people

Cred RentPay is available to members at a modest transaction fee. This will vary depending on which credit card network the member has. Cred will eventually allow members to setup auto-pay so that they can make timely payments.


CRED makes it easy to pay your credit card bills using a quick and simple payment method. You can pay with a debit or credit card. seamless, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, and as a reward for your first use of CRED, you get Rs200 instant cashback on all bill payments.

The Man Company and Vahdam Teas are some of the most popular brands. Brands like Farmizen and Acme Corp as well as Supp and Parentlane accept CREDPay and CREDCoins. The app.07 Jan-2021 has a section that lists all merchant partners.

Install the CRED App from Google Play and Apple App Store.
Sign up with your credentials as soon as the app is installed.
Click on the CRED Rentpay button in the app.
Next, enter your rent amount.

Banks may charge a fee if a credit card payment is made to rent.

Through the app, log in to your CRED Account. Select the desired card/cards from the “Cards” tab. You will see the total bill as well as any minimum due. On-screen information will appear. You can click on “Pay Now” and input the amount that you want to pay.

Rent pay with CRED App lets you quickly pay your rent by using the credit card option. The app lets tenants pay monthly rent with their credit card. With no delay, the amount is transferred directly to the landlord’s account.


Cred introduced RentPay, a feature that lets users pay monthly rent using a Credit Card. This service is available through Cred, which increases creditworthiness and financial confidence.